In case you don’t know this about me by now, I drink a lot of coffee.  Like A LOT!  (In fact I am drinking some now!)  But the one thing drawback to all that java is bad breath.  I try to keep my purse stocked with gum and mints, but they inevitably (maybe due to 2 small children) disappear right when I need them most.  Solution: homemade breath spray!

This honestly could not be easier!  Step 1 – Pick your favorite “flavor” essential oil (Peppermint, Cinnamon, Clove, Citrus Bliss, Lemon, Wild Orange, etc). 

Step 2 – Mix essential oil with water and a small amount of sweetener (I used Truvia). 

Step 3 – place in small spray bottle and VIOLA, fresh breath! 

A few words of wisdom.  Make sure you use Certifed Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils so that you know they are safe to injest ( 

To find cute, little spray bottles you can go to

And finally…hide these little suckers, too, because your kids may love them just as much as the gum and mints!  🙂